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Aerosol fire extinguishing system,
which is extinguishing fire by the action of extinguishing aerosol. Fire extinguishing system FIRE JACK® works with any electric fire alarm.

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The BESY CO spol. s r.o. founded in 1994. Since its establishment deals with the protection of persons and property.

In 1996, the company focused on taking-over modern and environmental technologies for fire extinguishing by fire extinguishing aerosol agent. This technology was originally developed for the Russian Space Agency in 80-years last century. At the beginning of the 90 years this technology was released for the civil sector.

After several years of the certification process, the aerosol fire extinguishing system of our company listed on the Czech market. It was in 1998 under the trade name Aerosol fire extinguishing equipment FIRE JACK®. Show FIRE JACK product certification

To ensure the highest product quality and eliminate the deficiencies of the original technology design, the company BESY CO spol. s r.o. acceded in 1998 to the establishment of a subsidiary BESY Rom Ltd. in Moscow. Through this company it was started the development of own technology of aerosol fire extinguishing - aerosol extinguishing generators, hand fire extinguishing generators and automatic fire extinguishing system for transportation equipment (cars, rail vehicles and ships). ZEVETA AMMUNITION produces all types of generators for us. Generators are patent protected.

Since 1999, the system FIRE JACK® was applied for certification as AHZ FIRE JACK® (aerosol fire-extinguishing equipment FIRE JACK). In 2000, after testing in the Engineering Test Institute in Brno was certified by an authorized person from PAVUS a.s. company. In 2004 AHZ FIRE JACK® was recertified by an authorized person from TZÚS Prague company. AHZ FIRE JACK® system has also a valid certificate for the territory of Slovakia issued by an authorized person TSU Piestany, Hungary, Slovenia and Greece.

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